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Making a Player Profile Sheet for Recruiting

What to include for your Player Profile Sheet 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

For Coaches - Team Handbook Example

Here is the hand book I put together for my team. Might be a good starting point for new teams or coaches looking to get a little more out of their girls. It is important that everyone is on the same page and goals are inline to have a successful team. 

Player’s Handbook

The Coaches Goals For The Team
·         Have fun!
·         Win the World Series in Orlando, FL
·         Prepare each player for a college program
·         Teach new aspects of the game
·         Turn you into athletes and not just softball players
·         Stay classy everywhere we go
·         Teach leadership and teamwork
·         Help you set healthy lifestyles and how important it is to take care of your body as an athlete
·         Be the smartest team on the field
·         Be fundamentally sound
·         Be the most athletic team on the field
·         Be the most mentally tough team on the field

Each practice will be devoted to the development of the five tools of a softball player: 
1.      Hitting for average
2.      Hitting for power
3.      Base running and speed
4.      Throwing abilities
5.      Fielding abilities 

This team will win if everyone possesses at least 3 out of 5 tools. My goal is to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. Your goal is to improve your weaknesses and gain the tools missing from your game. 

Team Goals
(Allow the players to create their own goals)





Basic Nutrition Policy
Good nutrition will affect how your body performs. If you do not take care of your body by eating a good healthy diet, you are not going to perform to your potential. You will mentally start to get weak, start to feel fatigue quicker, and you will have a hard time handling your emotions. I cannot punish you for not eating healthy but you will punish yourself by not eating healthy.  Follow the 20/80 rule; 80 percent of the time, eat healthy and cheat 20 percent of the time which is about 4 meals where you can eat whatever you want.
Dietary Guidelines
·         You need to try to get 80-100 ounces of water everyday
·         Eat breakfast everyday-Whole wheat, fruit, and protein
·         One for One rule with beverages: If you want to drink a soda, you have to drink a glass of water first.
·         Always have protein and carbs for every meal or snack
·         Stick to lean meat like chicken, turkey and fish. Avoid fatty meats like beef and pork.
·         NO ENERGY DRINKS! Red bull, Monster, Rock Star, 5 Hour Energy will dehydrate you!
·         Eat a fruit or vegetable with every meal or snack
Tournament Eating Policy
Night Before: Eat something heavy with a lot of carbs (bread, pasta, rice) with a lean protein like chicken, turkey, fish or lean beef and water to drink. *Urine should be colorless if you are hydrated.
Game Day Morning: You must eat breakfast. Some type of bread and protein like eggs, turkey, ham, bacon, or peanut butter. Finish eating before warm up.  Drink water, milk, or A LITTLE caffeine to wake you up like coffee, 8 ounces or less of soda, or hot tea but NO ENERGY DRINKS. Water intake should be 17-20oz.
Warm Up: Gatorade is OK warm up and as games start.
During Games: Drink 4 ounces of water every 15 minutes or 1 bottle of water per game. No soda, sweet tea, or juice. Only food allowed is fruit, vegetables, or something containing protein (PB&J, PB crackers, Snickers bar, granola bars) but no other candy or fried foods. Gatorade is OK after lunch but balanced with water.
Between Games: No Asian, Mexican, or pasta; nothing heavy or high in carbohydrates. Stick to sandwiches, subs, salads, burgers, and chicken nuggets. Avoid fried foods as much as possible. Drink sports drinks or water only. No soda, sweet tea, or juice.  You should be eating some type of carbohydrate & protein every 2 hours.
Tournament Guidelines
-Five Minutes Early is 10 Minutes Late!
-Warm up will begin 1 hour before the first game and 30 minutes before every other game.
-You carry your own equipment at all times.
-No Cell phones. They are to be left with parents. If your parents are not there you can keep your phone close for emergencies only.
-Get your drinks before the game. You know you are going to be thirsty; it shouldn’t be a surprise in a game.
-Do not interact with anyone other than your coaches and your teammates during the game. Do not talk to other teams, umpires, and fans. Keep contact with your parents to a minimum! You should have your drink so you should be ok for the 70 minutes or whatever the time limit is.
-You will not do any activities that will make you tired 24 hours before a game. No swimming, beach, go carts and if you think it might make you tired… you need to ask. Shopping or movies are ok. You are there to play softball, not to play on vacation.

Umpire Policy
Umpires are always right. Period. If he says it is a strike, he is right. If he says it’s a ball, he is right. If he calls you out, he is right. If he calls the other girl safe, he is right. You have to play his game and adjust to each umpire. If you do your job right as a player, the umpire should not affect the outcome of the game. I do not argue with umpires if we are making errors and missing signs and striking out. You do not talk to the umpire negatively under any circumstance.

Social Media Policy
Today, college admissions offices are looking at your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to see what type of person you are and they will deny you admission to college if you are inappropriate. Also, college coaches will look at your social media outlets as well to have an insight to your personality and if you are a fit with their program. You all must “friend me” on Facebook and I will be monitoring what you post. When you play in college, fans, facility, and coaches will monitor you more closely, and, you can and will be suspended for inappropriate social media content.

College Prospects
Here is what college coaches look for:
·         What type of student are you? (3.5 GPA and 25 or higher on ACT gets you $$$)
·         Are you coachable?
·         Do you have a good attitude?
·         How good is your body language on the field?
·         Are you athletic?
·         Can you hit?


If you get injured, you need to contact your school’s athletic trainer and let them get you in with the team doctor. You need to communicate with them so they can continue treatment once you are back in school.


Communication is crucial. I need you to communicate with me about any and everything that involves the team. If you are hurt, missing practice, need to be late, if you are having your cycle, or anything along those lines, I need to know as soon as possible.
Phone Number : 
Email Address : 

Missed practices - This will be handled on an individual case instance. If you have something planned in advanced and I know ahead of time then we are ok. If this becomes a chronic problem, then I won’t have to bench you, you will lose your position to people who come to practice every day. Missing practices without prior notice will earn you physical punishment in the form of extra exercises and conditioning. *Three tardies to practice will result in loss of game time.
Player Breach of Contract - Physical punishment then removal from team without reimbursements.
Parent breach of Contract - Warning and then removal from team without reimbursements. If you get rowdy and an umpire has to give a parent a warning, then that will also serve as your warning.

At Home Workouts
Go to my YouTube Channel at :
Watch the video and do the following routine twice per week.
Do 10 of each on each leg and do all exercises on one leg then switch
Do 15 to 25 of each exercise and do all exercises on one arm then switch
Do 10 of each
Do each for 30 seconds using your 10lb dumbbells
Do 10 of each
Do each for 1 minute

“Whoever you are, whatever your dream, you have to be strong in your head and strong in your heart. Be strong. There's no quitting in the person who wants it bad enough.”
Carly Patterson (born 1988);
Gold Medal Gymnast In 2004 Olympics

Why Stretch?
Stretching is an important tool in managing the muscle imbalances that occur as a result of the young athletes growing body. By maintaining this muscle balance stretching plays an important part of injury prevention.

Stretching also aids in:
·                  Flexibility which is critical for sport
·                  Blood circulation in the muscle
·                  Relaxation in the muscle
·                  Decrease the sensation of tightness in the muscle
·                  Psychological preparation


Static vs Dynamic stretching
·               Dynamic: Stretching movements that use muscle power to move arm/leg through full range of motion. Dynamic exercises stretch the muscle in a more functional way. This should be done before heavy exercise, such as games and practice. You should be lightly sweating by the end of dynamic stretching. 
·               Static: Placing a muscle in its most lengthened position and holding for at least 20 seconds. The stretch is taken to the point where resistance is felt but no pain. This is best done after workouts, games, and practice. The best time to do static stretching is 2 hours after you workout to get the best results but do not ignore stretching immediately after. 

  •  Always warm up before stretching
  • Stretch to the point of resistance and not pain
  • Hold static stretches for 20-30 seconds
  •  Keep breathing during stretch
  • You can do light static stretching if you still feel tension in any muscles after dynamic stretching but do not hold for more than 5-10 seconds. 
  • To increase flexibility, doing a stretch for 30 seconds 3x a day is enough to make significant improvements.

Home Stretching Routine
Do all of the Legs and Lower Body Stretches and at least 3 of each of the others for each category.

Player Agreement and Code of Ethics

I ______________________ have read this handbook and understand the rules and policies. By signing this, I agree to all rules and policies. I understand that violation of any of the policies hold the consequences listed in this handbook. I also agree to the Code of Ethic listed below:
  •          Players agree to give precedence to their  team over and above other extra activities.
  •          Players agree to give 100% in workouts, practices, and games.
  •          We will treat each defeat as an opportunity to improve.
  •          Players and parents will treat each other, as well as all parents, players and official with respect and dignity.
  •          Cheers will be positive and uplifting.
  •          There will be modesty in victory and graciousness in defeat.
  •          Our goal is to have a good time while pursuing and discovering the limits of our abilities.
  •          Do not get discouraged if your playing time is short, you were invited for that something special that only you can bring to the team unity. 



My personal goals for this summer season:
Three things I would like to improve this summer:








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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Break a Sweat, Not a Nail!

I posted a cute picture of "softball nails" on my Pitch Like a Girl Facebook page and had a lot of likes and comments. We are softball players but we are also girls and how our nails look is very important to us! Here are a few tips and tricks I did when I pitched to protect my nails, hands, and other beauty tips.

Fake it! 
I glued a fake nail on my index finger on my pitching hand. When I gripped my screw, rise, and curve ball, I would have a lot of pressure on the inside of my nail. If my nail had any length to it, the nail would rip below the white part in warm ups and I had to pitch the rest of the tournament with a hurt finger. So, I put a fake nail over my index finger, cut it short and never had a problem! Make sure you keep back up nails and glue with you in your bag to reapply if needed!

Blood Blisters
The inside of my ring finger would develop blood blisters and usually burst during games... So gross!!! Add clear fingernail polish to your softball survival kit (with your other fake nail and glue) so you can add a layer of protection to your skin do prevent the blood blisters and callous from forming. You can also use this anywhere you normally form blisters from batting as well.

Batting Blisters
If you are getting blisters from batting, there are a few things you can do. First, loosen your grip. White knuckled grip slows your bat speed down anyway... Make sure your batting gloves are tight and snug. You can also keep baby or talcum powder in your survival kit to but on your hands under you batting gloves.

Toes and Feet
Keep you toe nails short!!!! Oh I hate when I try to stop in spikes and my toes crash into my shoe!! I have broken so many toe nails because I let them get too long! You can also do the powder trick on your feet (works well under sliding shorts as well) to keep from rubbing blisters on your feet. Also, get a thin pair of ankle socks to wear under your long socks will prevent blisters from forming. Also, let your feet breath between games or just keep an extra set of dry socks to change into.

Face Scrubs
Pamper your hands and feet like you do the rest of your skin. Apricot scrub is TERRIBLE for your face but it is amazing for your hands and feet! You can also try a sea salt scrub, I just personally used the apricot.

Now that we have the nail situation handled... go break a sweat!!!

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