Sunday, July 15, 2012

Break a Sweat, Not a Nail!

I posted a cute picture of "softball nails" on my Pitch Like a Girl Facebook page and had a lot of likes and comments. We are softball players but we are also girls and how our nails look is very important to us! Here are a few tips and tricks I did when I pitched to protect my nails, hands, and other beauty tips.

Fake it! 
I glued a fake nail on my index finger on my pitching hand. When I gripped my screw, rise, and curve ball, I would have a lot of pressure on the inside of my nail. If my nail had any length to it, the nail would rip below the white part in warm ups and I had to pitch the rest of the tournament with a hurt finger. So, I put a fake nail over my index finger, cut it short and never had a problem! Make sure you keep back up nails and glue with you in your bag to reapply if needed!

Blood Blisters
The inside of my ring finger would develop blood blisters and usually burst during games... So gross!!! Add clear fingernail polish to your softball survival kit (with your other fake nail and glue) so you can add a layer of protection to your skin do prevent the blood blisters and callous from forming. You can also use this anywhere you normally form blisters from batting as well.

Batting Blisters
If you are getting blisters from batting, there are a few things you can do. First, loosen your grip. White knuckled grip slows your bat speed down anyway... Make sure your batting gloves are tight and snug. You can also keep baby or talcum powder in your survival kit to but on your hands under you batting gloves.

Toes and Feet
Keep you toe nails short!!!! Oh I hate when I try to stop in spikes and my toes crash into my shoe!! I have broken so many toe nails because I let them get too long! You can also do the powder trick on your feet (works well under sliding shorts as well) to keep from rubbing blisters on your feet. Also, get a thin pair of ankle socks to wear under your long socks will prevent blisters from forming. Also, let your feet breath between games or just keep an extra set of dry socks to change into.

Face Scrubs
Pamper your hands and feet like you do the rest of your skin. Apricot scrub is TERRIBLE for your face but it is amazing for your hands and feet! You can also try a sea salt scrub, I just personally used the apricot.

Now that we have the nail situation handled... go break a sweat!!!

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