Thursday, August 2, 2012

Making a Player Profile Sheet for Recruiting

What to include for your Player Profile Sheet 

Personal Information

  • Full Name
  • Email address
  • Phone Number
  • Mailing Address
  • Graduation Year
  • High School Name and Address 
  • Height
  • Picture of you in an uniform, most likely your summer team uniform and include your number in the picture (if on front of jersey) or put it by your name at the top of the sheet

Parents Contact Information

  • Parents Names
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number

Softball Resume

  • Position
  • Throw R or L
  • Hit R or L
  • Speed from home to first (time from first movement to base)
  • Speed form home to home (First movement to home)
  • Batting Average. On Base Percentage (Include any other stat that makes you look good!)
  • Throwing Speed 
  • Catchers: Include Pop Time (glove to glove on throw downs)
  • Pitchers: Pitch Types in order of best to worst, Velocity, ERA (include any other stat that makes you look good!)
  • Any accomplishments (All Area, Team Captain) and include year or class status
  • High School Coach: Name, Email, Phone Number
  • Private Instructors: Name, Email, Phone Number, Location (City or Name of business) 
  • Travel Ball Organization: Coach, Email, Phone Number 

Academic Resume
  • GPA and Class Rank
  • SAT/ACT Score or Test date
  • Registered with NCAA Clearing house? (Yes or No)
  • Major Interests (What you want to get your degree in) 
  • Academic Clubs or Honor Societies 

Other Accomplishments and Activities
  • This can be other sports, Club Involvement, Charity/Community Service, Church Activities
Link to Skills Video 

It is easy to upload your skills video to YouTube for easy sharing and viewing by coaches. On the skills video be sure to: 
  • Go 100% - Coaches will have a stopwatch timing catch to release times (0.6), throwing and pitching velocity, home to first speed, and time it takes to start your swing and get to contact (0.2 seconds). 
  • Speak clearly
  • Show multiple reps
  • Add game footage
  • Highlight your offensive attributes. Coaches recruit pitchers and hitters. 

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