Monday, September 15, 2014

Ultimate Wristband Signing System Your Softball Team Needs

Sign Guide is an easy to understand and impossible to steal wristband signing system customized for your softball or baseball team. It greatly reduces the chances of missed signs by your team, while all but eliminating the chances of the signs being stolen.


Jeff has been coaching youth sports for almost 30 years, having coached well over 100 sports teams during that time, with about 3/4 of those teams being baseball or softball.  The last 12 years have been in travel and high school fastpitch in Ohio.

What's Different vs. Other Systems

  • It's affordable for the modest budgets of travel and school teams ... both the wristbands and the system itself are inexpensive
  • You're not paying for a software or access to a software, and don't have to do anything on an ongoing basis
  • It's simple and fun to use ... 10 year olds can pick up on it as easily as 20 year olds
  • You get 3 sets of unique signals you can change out to during the season that are fully customized to your team

To order your signguide system go to: 

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