Monday, September 15, 2014

Ultimate Wristband Signing System Your Softball Team Needs

Sign Guide is an easy to understand and impossible to steal wristband signing system customized for your softball or baseball team. It greatly reduces the chances of missed signs by your team, while all but eliminating the chances of the signs being stolen.


Jeff has been coaching youth sports for almost 30 years, having coached well over 100 sports teams during that time, with about 3/4 of those teams being baseball or softball.  The last 12 years have been in travel and high school fastpitch in Ohio.

What's Different vs. Other Systems

  • It's affordable for the modest budgets of travel and school teams ... both the wristbands and the system itself are inexpensive
  • You're not paying for a software or access to a software, and don't have to do anything on an ongoing basis
  • It's simple and fun to use ... 10 year olds can pick up on it as easily as 20 year olds
  • You get 3 sets of unique signals you can change out to during the season that are fully customized to your team

To order your signguide system go to: 

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Speed, Stride Length, Age

I always encourage girls to compare their speed only to their previous speed. It's important to encourage girls to continue to improve. Never want to put more pressure on pitchers than the position already carries.

I have created a chart below based on my former students. I chose to use Age as a factor to separate physical development. I also chose stride length to reflect pitcher height and overall strength. Tall pitchers usually have longer arms that can create more leverage for the pitch. Pitchers with strong legs can also produce more push and create a longer stride. Height and strength are direct factors in pitching speed.

Use this chart as a guide and not as an absolute. If you are below the average for your age, work first on developing more leg drive. This can be done through technique and strength training. If you are way above the average for your age, please be aware you are at high risk for injuries. Following a strenuous arm care program and staying below your pitch count will reduce injury potential.

Fastpitch Softball Speed

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Finishing Position for Fastpitch Softball Pitchers

I have had a lot of questions about how to finish the pitch in the best position to play defense. I have tried to answer this to make everyone happy but I now have my official answer.

I teach a sideways finish. Just from my personal experience, I can get pitchers to throw significantly fast with this type of finish. Which has also had many parents worried that they will not be ready to play defense and protect themselves. Hitting your spots and having speed is a good way to prevent batters from hitting the ball back at you. Not that it is impossible but if you stay off the middle of the plate, the hits usually stay out of the middle of the field. If you are turning or moving your plant foot while you are trying to release the ball, you will miss your spots and you will throw more pitches down the middle. You should keep your landing foot planted through the release to keep your motion going to your target.

Sounds pretty easy but here is the trick, you have to be done moving before the catcher catches the ball. If you are still pitching as the batter is making contact, there is a great chance you will not be balanced and in control of your body to react. Being done with the motion, under control of your body, and focused on what the batter is about to do will take precious split seconds off of your reaction time that you need not only to protect yourself but to also field your position.

So, do not add a defensive stance to the end of your pitching motion. It will effect your speed and control causing you to give up more hits and more potential hits up the middle of the field.

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Forearm Workouts for Baseball and Softball Players

Ultimate Forearm Training

increase hitting power for softball, increase pitching velocity for softball
Searching for a quality Ultimate Forearm Training for Baseball and Softball players? You came to the right page. Everybody wants to know whether this program is the real deal and if preparing your forearms can truly enhance your performance.

Jedd Johnson is the creator of Ultimate Forearm Training for Baseball, he is also a part of Diesel Crew, a master in grip training, and he holds world records. Jedd additionally played baseball, however decided that turning into a grip training pro was his purpose in life.

Extreme Forearm Training for Baseball: The Specifics

This forearm exercise manual is stacked with information and training methods that are guaranteed to build your forearm strength, wrist strength, and grip strength. Here are a few things that you can expect with this manual:

  • Over 300 pages of lower arm preparing material
  • Great detail on why grip and forearm strength is important for baseball and can also help with softball. 
  • Instructions to avoid basic injuries to the forearm or elbow
  • Accurate life-like diagrams of the forearm
  • Over 200 pages of grip and hold exercises  
  • 60 pages committed to preventing injuries in baseball players that can also be translated for softball players

Many baseball players and pitchers think little of the importance of the role of the forearm and performance. This is crucial because baseball and softball players use their forearms in almost every aspect of the game.

Why You Need Forearm Training for Baseball and Softball Hitting

  • A stronger hold increases hitting force and power – this means no more warning track and you will finally begin to clear the wall with bombs
  • While the core and legs are essential for power hitting, it’s the hands and forearms that are in charge of swinging the bat through the zone.

For example – simply take a look at any MLB hitter! These guys have jacked forearms and this isn't an accident!

Why You Need Forearm Training for Baseball and Softball Pitching

  • Increasing wrist strength will also increase the force of the wrist snap at the release point. 
  • Forearm training increases finger and grip strength, which are both important parts of pitching speed.
  • Increasing grip and finger strength for softball pitchers will produce better spins for improved movement pitches like curve, drop, screw, and rise. 
  • Reinforcing the forearm muscles and ligaments around the elbow can help decrease elbow injuries

Although many positives, we must evaluate the negative parts of this program

Cons of Ultimate Forearm Training for Baseball

  • One dimensional training guide because it focuses just on lower arm training.
  • There is a ton of material to process
  • Will take you at some time to read the whole manual
  • A portion of the book is technical, however generally, straightforward

Pros of Ultimate Forearm Training for Baseball

  • Great top to bottom information for lower arm preparing for baseball
  • There is no other manual available like it  
  • Unique strategy
  • Clarifies serious concerns as to why lower arm training is a fundamental part for baseball success.
  • The manual has many types and variety of lower arm works out
  • The activities are not difficult to incorporate into any training schedule
  • Gives a year-round training schedule
  • eBook format

By not training your forearms or having a strong grip, you are passing up major opportunity for a colossal chance to increase your pitching speed or hitting power for baseball and softball. Simply take a look at any MLB player, and you will recognize that they have RIPPED forearms. This isn't an accidental! Now is the right time to change your training program to get strong forearms and start performing on the level that you want.

    Click here to read more reviews

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Beginner Softball Pitching Drills

beginner softball pitching tips
Blindly searching the internet for beginner softball pitching drills can lead you to a dead end. There is a lot of information available but some drills are not appropriate for beginners. Its possible to get results from most drills but which drills should you start with? 

You can always pay for lessons but here are the problems you might encounter: 

  • Unqualified or Inexperienced Instructor. Has this instructor every pitched or did they watch a few videos and now they are charging for their interpretation of how to pitch? 
  • Cost of lessons. You may spend several months paying $20-$60 per session or more just to find out your daughter does not want to pitch. If your daughter only wants to pitch as a secondary position, you may spend a small fortune during her career for her to play a different position in college. 
  • Starting new pitcher with advanced motions. There is a huge difference between a 20 year old college player that is under a strict strength training program versus a 8-10 year old girl they may or may not play other sports. If you start young pitchers with advanced motions, injury potential greatly increases which can end a career quicker than it started. 
Not everyone has access to a qualified pitching instructor that won't break the bank if your new pitcher decides she does not want to pitch. So what can you do? 

Here is the only online solution! 

The Beginner’s Program is an eight week progressive video series of beginner softball pitching drills that teaches a system of proper mechanics and that will prepare pitchers for their first game. This program will not make you throw 60 mph or have extreme results, this is designed for young players who wish to throw strikes and be competitive in their first years of pitching. This program is designed for a pitcher who: 

1.      Has never pitched before
2.      Has pitched a little but never in a game situation
3.      Has pitched one season and looking to gain more control over fastball

Here is a quick outline of the program that includes all the beginner softball pitching drills you will possibly need to learn how to pitch during the first years of kid pitch. 

Drills, tips and practice plans for new pitchers

Start this program or find a program right for you at

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Best Supplements for Athletes

Muscle makes the athlete. Building muscle is the goal of all elite athletes to produce power, prevent injuries, and increase endurance. Protein supplements are a necessary for power athletes like baseball and softball players. Here is a list of 3 best supplements for athletes ages 12 years old and up and certified by to be free of banned substances.

1. VO2 Prime - This bar is especially formulated as a pre-workout or pre-game snack. It has 7g of protein, 140 calories, and best if consumed 60 minutes before physical activity.
Softball Player Diet

2. Muscle Gain - Comes in chocolate or vanilla, contains 25g of protein per serving. Muscle Gain is best taken during meal time to add protein. Great with breakfast or on tournament day between games as a source of complete, lean protein.

Softball Player Diet

3. Post-Workout Recovery - In chocolate or vanilla, this is packed with 17g of protein and formulated to help in the muscle recovery process. Works best when consumed 60 minutes after physical activity.

Softball Player Diet

Find out more about the best supplements for athletes that AdvoCare has to offer by following this LINK
Get personalized nutrition information from our certified sports nutrition specialist.

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